Security Tips Introduction

Welcome to my first blog for Longstreet Investigations and Consulting. The purpose of this blog will be to provide tips concerning security for your home, business or your family. Some of the tips will be ideas derived from my twenty years in Law Enforcement and Private Investigations, some will be from research and others will be suggestions from some of my friends and co-workers that have spent their years in the field helping others. I will also be including a few stories from the years of dealing with burglaries, thefts, and other crimes. Most of them will be along the lines of stupid criminals or incidence of humor in my experiences with them but all will include tidbits to help readers with better security for them and their families.

I will be discussing a variety of themes that I feel can help you and your loved ones when certain situations arise. I will include images as often as I can find them. Some you may disagree with or nor find effective for your situation but some you may. You can also suggest topics or submit questions through the email provided on the website. Now some of these to topics I could talk about for hours or to no end but I will try to keep your interest and awareness by not wandering too much.

Let’s discuss something quick for the first security tip. I would like to talk about door security to your home. There are thousands of burglaries a year where the criminal simply walks up, kicks the front door shattering the door framing and enters the home. Basically, they have used your deadbolt lock and door knob as leverage to push this framing apart.



When the perpetrator reaches to kick the door, it is not a difficult task because the average door knob in America is set at waist high with the deadbolt located approximately six inches above that door knob. The average person can kick that high without much effort. I personally have done it a few times when having to enter a house for incidents pertaining to law enforcement and anyone who knows me can testify that I am totally height deficient.

My suggestion to help deter this kind of entry is to simply raise your door deadbolt lock at least four inches above your door knob. If you look at the image provided you can see the height of the lock afforded the perpetrator the leverage to put all his leg strength and body weight in to the kick thus allowing the bulk of force to be centered on the deadbolt. If the deadbolt is raised at least four inches they would not have the same balance or strength to force the door jamb apart. This particular type of burglar does not want to kick at a door more than twice because they are concern someone will hear them so the more he must kick the less likely he will continue and leave.

There are many other suggestions to help discourage this kind of entry, some may be too expensive for the average family and putting in a new dead bolt can be done by most “do it yourself” families. If you already have a deadbolt in and do not want to change doors I suggest you add a second deadbolt at the higher elevation for better security. Raising the dead bolt will also help you with children as they cannot reach the higher deadbolt thus making it harder for you to lose them to the outdoors without your knowledge.

One more thing, in all my years answering calls involving burglaries I cannot tell you how many people had deadbolts on their front doors and a simple door knob lock on the back door or their garage entrance. Remember dead bolt all of your doors to the outside and protect your entire home.

Next blog we will talk about how I describe the different types of burglars and their psyche’s along with other preventive measures using my experience in patrolling neighborhoods. I might even tell the story of how I almost shot Dale Earnhardt Jr. one night while on patrol. Or was it him?

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