Private Investigation

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[boc_heading alignment=”right” color=”#333333″ subheading=”yes”]Experts say there is an estimated $38 Billion Stolen from Insurance Fraud annualy[/boc_heading]

Workers Compensation Fraud is the most common violation. If you are a small business this can be devastating to your profit-making ability and for large corporation the attention to detail in these cases is essential to maintaining the level of cost for your employees’ insurance. Let us help in deterring the fraud against your bottom line.

According to the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation the most common schemes include: Premium Diversion, Fee Churning, Asset Diversion, and Workers Compensation Fraud.

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[boc_heading alignment=”right” color=”#333333″ subheading=”yes”]Fact: A civil dispute can be settled even before a suit is filed.[/boc_heading]

Our firm offers detail oriented investigations and consulting for civil and criminal cases. Let our years of experience provide you with the support needed to be effective and efficient when your case comes to trial.

Our investigations will be completed in a timely manner that suits our clients’ requirements and will prove to be a cost that is beneficial to their budget. Our work ideas are based on decades of experience and training in the Law Enforcement and Nursing fields.

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[boc_heading alignment=”right” color=”#333333″ subheading=”yes”]Did you know that surveillance is one of the most effective methods of discovery in civil and criminal cases.[/boc_heading]

The Longstreet Firm offers surveillance for determination in any circumstance that is appropriate for the clients’ needs.

Surveillance should be considered in situations involving Workers Compensation Fraud, Domestic Disputes (Divorce or Child Custody), Property Protection, Embezzlement, and some Criminal Cases. The resulting evidence can also be used in court for trial purposes.

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[boc_heading alignment=”right” color=”#333333″ subheading=”yes”]Did you know over 20% of people have a Criminal Record?[/boc_heading][boc_heading html_element=”h3″ alignment=”right” color=”#333333″ subheading=”yes”]Every 60 Seconds someone goes Missing [/boc_heading]

Background Investigating is an asset for the fast-paced world of today. You should have no doubts about the new person in your life before you are vested in a relationship. You might be a concerned parent and desire the knowledge and comfort that the right decision about your child’s future and your hard work will be recognized.  Longstreet Investigations will help you discover the truth about that person so you can feel comfortable about the future.

Missing persons and lost relatives can be devastating to a family.  If you have a family member who is missing or a lost relative, you would like found, let us help. Our team will use the most up to date methods and techniques to help you find your loved one.

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[boc_heading alignment=”right” color=”#333333″ subheading=”yes”]Did you know right now 30% of people have a computer virus?[/boc_heading]

Solutions for Business:

We offer a wide range of front end, and back end IT Security Solutions for companies. These services range from protecting your website against DDOS Attacks (denial of service), all the way to SSL Encryption to make sure no information can get stolen from your company. Our goal is to make every part of your network 100% secure for you, and your valued customers.

Solutions for Every-day Users:

Allow us to fix your computer problem, whether it’s a virus to trying to track the thief who stole your CC information from your computer. Hackers have tools and software where they can watch you through your webcam, listen to your through your microphone, and even watch your computer screen in real time!

Protect your privacy.

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[boc_icon size=”large” icon_position=”center” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon=”icon icon-rocket”][boc_spacing][boc_heading alignment=”center” color=”#ffffff” font_size=”21px”]Investigative Experience [/boc_heading]

U.S. Army

Private Investigations

Departmental Internal Investigations

Street Patrol Investigations

[boc_icon size=”large” icon_position=”center” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon=”icon icon-cup”][boc_spacing][boc_heading alignment=”center” color=”#ffffff” font_size=”21px”]Awards[/boc_heading]

Medal of Valor – Recognized for service above and beyond the call of duty.

Meritorious Award – Pendergrass Police Dept. awarded for response to an officer killed in the line of duty.

Melvin Jones Fellow – Awarded for dedicated humanitarian services Lions Clubs International Foundation.

U.S. Army Commendation Medal.

[boc_icon size=”large” icon_position=”center” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon=”icon icon-leaf”][boc_spacing][boc_heading alignment=”center” color=”#ffffff” font_size=”21px”]Law Enforcement Certifications[/boc_heading]

Evidence presentation


Crime Scene Techniques

Search and Seizure

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[boc_heading color=”#333333″ css_classes=”no_text_transform” font_size=”24px”]Full Service Investigation[/boc_heading][boc_divider divider_width=”60px” divider_color=”#eeeeee”]

Our [tooltip title=”Check our blog out”]Investigation Firm

[/tooltip] has over twenty years’ in Law Enforcement and Investigative experience to serve you and your business. We offer a variety of investigative services to benefit your personal or company needs. Our services include expert testimony in any court proceedings.

[boc_list_item icon_size=”small” margin_bottom=”8px” icon=”icon icon-check2″]Over 20 years in the field[/boc_list_item][boc_list_item icon_size=”small” margin_bottom=”8px” icon=”icon icon-check2″]Techniques and methods proven to work[/boc_list_item][boc_list_item icon_size=”small” margin_bottom=”8px” icon=”icon icon-check2″]All services strictly confidential.[/boc_list_item][boc_list_item icon_size=”small” icon=”icon icon-check2″]Operated by retired Law Enforcement and former Military Officer.[/boc_list_item]
[boc_heading color=”#333333″ css_classes=”no_text_transform” font_size=”24px”]We are here for You[/boc_heading][boc_divider divider_width=”60px” divider_color=”#eeeeee”]

If you are a business or an individual who needs a private investigator we want to earn your business. If you have concerns about security of your home or business We are security consultants for both commercial and residential.

[boc_list_item icon_size=”small” margin_bottom=”8px” icon=”icon icon-check2″]Incorporates the most up to date practices and technology into investigations.[/boc_list_item][boc_list_item icon_size=”small” margin_bottom=”8px” icon=”icon icon-check2″]Licensed and insured Private Investigators.[/boc_list_item][boc_list_item icon_size=”small” icon=”icon icon-check2″]Dedicated team that is here for you.[/boc_list_item]
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