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This booklet offers a self-contained therapy of worthwhile analytic equipment in mathematical physics. it really is designed for undergraduate scholars and it includes good enough fabric for a semester (or 3 zone) direction in mathematical equipment of physics. With the precise number of fabric, one could use the ebook for a one semester or a one region direction. the necessities or corequisites are normal physics, analytic mechanics, glossy physics, and a operating wisdom of differential an critical calculus.

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31), we may write = j Fzk . iido. The above equation results from the fact that the integrals over the sides equal zero since k is perpendicular to doz, do3, do4, and dos. Similarly, it can be shown that and 1 %dT ={ F ~iido. ~ Combining Eqs. 35) proves the theorem. The result is Example 18 By use of the divergence theorem due to Gauss, obtain the integral form for Maxwell's first equation. Solution: The fundamental equations in electromagnetism, Maxwell's equations, may be written in compact form by use of the divergence and curl of vector quantities.

CHAPTER 1. VECTOR ANALYSIS 34 Example 17 If F = -V$, show that the total energy of the system is conserved (constant). dr =S, B d$ - $A = Kg - KA (by us of the result in the previous Example) = -$B We obtain the conservation of energy principle (the total mechanical energy is constant) by rearranging terms: KA $ A = KB + $B. In a conservative system, the potential energy of a particle located a t A(x, y, x) relative to a fixed point B(xo,yo, xo) where the potential energy may be set to zero (the reference level) is defined by + $(x, y, Z) = LB F dr.

CHAPTER 1. 39), we obtain The sense of the periphery at PI is positive, d x = dX,; a t P2,ii is negative, dx = -dX, (see Fig. 24). Hence the equation reduces to In the above equation, the first integral on the right-hand side is on the back part, and the second integral in on the front part. 5. ORTHOGONAL CURVILINEAR COORDINATES 43 Combining the above three equations, we obtain and the theorem is proved. The curl theorem is extremely useful in potential theory and in other areas of mathematical physics.

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