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Effect (etki, sonuç); synonyms (n) product, result, sequel, aftermath, conclusion, (v) accomplish, achieve, create, cause, complete, do, bring, carry, execute, induce, 5. construction; synonyms (n) building, fabrication, formation, structure, assembly, fabric, frame, organization, production, arrangement, constitution, creation, edifice, make, making; antonym (n) destruction, 6. import (ithal etmek); synonyms (n) value, betoken, substance, core, express, worth, denotation, export, (v) denote, imply, introduce, mean, spell, indicate, intend, 7.

Below (aşağıda); synonyms (adv) beneath, under, down, infra, downstairs, (prep) underneath, (adj) low, after; antonyms (prep) above, over, 3. inferior; synonyms (adj) bad, secondary, subordinate, humble, poor, cheap, junior, lesser, petty, base, feeble, coarse, common, vulgar, contemptible; antonyms (adj) better, choice, excellent, first-rate, high-class, premium, (n) superior, superscript. aşağıda 1. below (aşağı); synonyms (adv) beneath, under, down, infra, downstairs, (prep) underneath, (adj) low, after; antonyms (prep) above, over, 2.

Arena arena; synonyms (n) ring, battlefield, field, sphere, theater, amphitheater, area, platform, domain, region, scene, stadium, ground. arı 1. pure (saf); synonyms (adj) just, absolute, genuine, natural, artless, clean, clear, faultless, fresh, good, guileless, immaculate, innocent, mere, (n) chaste; antonyms (adj) impure, contaminated, diluted, dishonored, tainted, wicked, 2. bee; synonyms (n) honeybee, ant, termite, caprice, fancy, freak, humor, mania, mosquito, notion, party, phobia, whim, (adj) barbecue, (v) fly, 3.

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