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Gee, J. P. (2004). Situated language and learning: A critique of traditional schooling. New York: Routledge. , & Bell, G. (2004). Passive capture and ensuing issues for a personal lifetime store. In Proceedings of the 1st ACM Workshop on Continuous Archival and Retrieval of Personal Experiences, CARPE’04 (pp. 48–55). New York, NY: ACM. Gibson E. B. (2005). Co-producing video-diaries: The presence of the “Absent” researcher. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 4. Giustini, D. (2006). 0 is changing medicine: Editorial.

29 (9), 1033–1046. 1016/S0048-7333(99)00051-7 Goffman, E. (1959). The presentation of self in everyday life. New York, NY, USA: Doubleday Anchor. , Anderson, J. , Cima, M. , & Langer, R. (2004). Differential degradation rates in vivo and in vitro of biocompatible Poly(Lactic Acid) and Poly (Glycolic Acid) Homo- and Co-Polymers for a Polymeric Drug-Delivery Microchi. Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition, 15, 1281–1304. , & Eldridge, M. (2003). Wan2tlk? Everyday text messaging. Proceedings of the CHI 2003 (pp.

However, because individuals are likely to use the technology throughout everyday life, social psychologists focus on how individuals manage their daily behaviors as part of a larger social context. Presentation of Self in Everyday Life (Goffman 1959) addresses the social interactions that individuals manage daily. And because the desire for lifestyle change often emerges when the individual recognizes a conflict between her current and an ideal state, Cognitive Dissonance Theory (Festinger 1957) describes what happens when an individual realizes that her behaviors and attitudes are inconsistent.

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