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Separated from its anchorage in faith, ethics has the social sciences in seeing people as essentially characterised by way of self-interest, in order that altruism is both naively idealistic or arrogantly self-sufficient. Colin furnish contends that, as a latest secular suggestion, altruism is a parody at the self-giving love of Christianity, in order that its dismissal represents a social leveling that loses the depths that theology makes intelligible and faith makes attainable. He argues that to dispense with altruism is to dispense with God and with the divine transformation of human probabilities.

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From the other side, Smith's approach was not entirely without precedent. Smith's free-market economics had its antecedents in the political vision of Thomas Hobbes, whereby life is naturally ``solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short''10 because 7 8 9 10 Jane J. Mansbridge, ``The Rise and Fall of Self-Interest in the Explanation of Political Life,'' in Beyond Self-Interest, ed. Jane J. Mansbridge, p. 10. Dennis Mueller, ``Rational Egoism vs. Adaptive Egoism,'' Public Choice 5 (1986): 2 ±23. Thomas Donaldson, Corporations and Morality (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1982), p.

Ed. Barlow and Silverberg, p. 125. Sahlins, The Use and Abuse of Biology, p. 72. Murray Bookchin, ``Ecology, Society and the Myth of Biological Determinism,'' in Biology as a Social Weapon, ed. Ann Arbor Science for the People Editorial Collective, p. 124. 50 The result is that this climate provided the perspective from which Darwin viewed nature. ''51 Thus the origins and development of Darwinism are the reverse of what they are generally taken to be. 53 This assumed background becomes even more speci®ed, however, when account is taken of the signi®cance of Adam Smith, the patriarch of modern free-market economics, for Darwin.

Their altruism is 16 17 Dawkins, The Sel®sh Gene, p. 109. D. D. Barash, Sociobiology and Behaviour (Amsterdam: Elsevier, 1977), pp. 312f. 12 Alien altruism in the interest of the group, and so they are reproduced by the reproductive members. We also saw that this deviation from the individual version of natural selection was not favored by sociobiologists. ''18 The triumphal account focuses on the means of reproduction in these insects, which leads to the recognition of a closer relation between the reproductive queen and her sterile sister workers than the normal one-half genetic relationship that generally prevails between siblings.

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