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By Jaroslav Nyvlt, Joachim Ulrich

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ISBN-13: 9783527287390

Utilizing information accrued from just about all on hand literature, this matchless publication offers an exhaustive survey of the consequences of admixtures on crystallization. A concise remedy of present conception and perform makes this ebook appropriate for rookies in addition to critical for extra complicated chemists and chemical engineers operating during this box.

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Polts. G.. Davey. , Garside. , Bergmann, D.. Nieh6rster. S . Ulrich. : J. Crystal Growth (in press) 1461 Chernov. : Uspekhi fiz. n a u k 73 (1961) 277 147) Chernov. : Rost kristallov 3 (1961) 52 I481 Chernov. : in: Growth of Crystals (Shubnikov. V.. Sheftal. ). 3 (1962) 31. : in: Adsorption et croissance CristaZline. p. 265. S. Paris 1965 I501 Chernov. : Krlst. Tech. :J. Non-Equilib. Thermodyn. 18 (1993) 201 1521 v a n Damme - van Weele. : in: Adsorption et croissance cristaZUne. p. S.. : J.

The BCF dislocation growth from the vapour. surface nucleation limited growth from aqueous solution and surface integration controlled growth from mixed solvents [ 1511. Bourne 1241. 61. 591. If s-s designates the bond between solid species, f-fbonds between liquid specles and s-f bond between solid and liquid species, then in formation of an s-f bond. a n s-s and an frf bond must be broken. Infuence of Solvents 33 in the bulk 196,1121 and AHf and A k P are the enthalpies of fusion and of mixing.

15) The aim in solving this equation is to find the microcomponent contents in the product, Y". and in the exit mother liquor. 21) 7 . Distribution of Admixtures 54 Example: A saturated solution of KAl(SO4)z at 6OoC has been cooled down to 2OoC. The original salt contained yo dropped to 2 . 3 Na. After crystallization the Na content Na. 1127. 035. 50. We shall calculate the number of stages necessary to obtain crystals with a Na content 100 tlmes lower. We obtain: - Zf! 01 The required purification can thus be achieved in three stages.

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