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By James O'Connor


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O'Connor, a Neo-Marxist, contends that individualist ethics in the USA became tremendous expensive to the world's so much complicated capitalist society.

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The only floating that takes place in a system where parties represent only their own groups is centrifugal. In response to compromise and moderation at the centre, some voters move to extremist parties, but they do not float across the ethnic cleavage. What electoral incentives can be created for inter-group moderation? Is it enough that no party receives a majority of seats and therefore two or more than two parties must form a coalition in order to govern? If that is enough, then List-system Proportional Representation (PR) is a good system, because it helps proliferate parties.

That objective can be attained better through the AV system than any of the other systems mentioned. For the AV system to work effectively, two preconditions must be met: a multiplicity of parties based in the various communities, and heterogeneous constituencies. A multiplicity of parties Ethnic communities in Fiji have never remained united in support of a single political party. Some parties are already committed to encouraging multi-ethnic membership. The willingness of members of the various communities to support such a party depends on whether it will take account of the interests of all communities.

Such incentives are effective because those votes will not be forthcoming Donald L. Horowitz Electoral in divided societies: the Constitution Review unless the candidates receiving them can be portrayed as being moderate on inter-ethnic issues. Consequently, any compromises achieved at the top will be supported by electoral incentives at the bottom. Politicians respond to them from a basic desire to be reelected. What I call vote pooling-the dependence, in part, on votes of members of groups other than one's own-works at the voter level, not at the level of an elite deal.

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