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Horace G. Danner’s A word list of English observe Roots is a compendium of the most-used notice roots of the English language. As Timothy B. Noone notes in his foreword: “Dr. Danner’s publication permits you not just to accumulate your passive English vocabulary, leading to be aware popularity wisdom, but additionally delivers the rudiments for constructing your lively English vocabulary, making it attainable to deduce the that means of phrases with that you usually are not but familiar. Your wisdom can now extend and should achieve this exponentially as your wisdom of the roots in English phrases and your corresponding skill to decode unexpected phrases grows apace. this is often the start of a very good psychological linguistic library: so enjoy!”

In A word list of English note Roots, all observe roots are indexed alphabetically, in addition to the Greek or Latin phrases from which they derive, including the roots’ unique meanings. If the present that means of anyone root differs from the unique that means, that's indexed in a separate column. within the examples column, the phrases which comprise the foundation are then indexed, beginning with their prefixes, for instance, dysacousia, hyperacousia. those root-starting phrases then are by way of phrases the place the basis falls in the back of the be aware, e.g., acouesthesia and acoumeter. those phrases are by means of phrases the place the foundation falls within the heart or the tip, as in such phrases as bradyacusia and odynacusis.. during this demeanour, A glossary of English notice Roots areas the observe in as many be aware households as there are parts within the notice.

This paintings will curiosity linguists and philologists and somebody attracted to the etymological features of English language.

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In a sense, that which is before (ante-), is near, or against (anti-). Greek anti- is listed separately. , for defense against attack; any defense or bulwark) (re, again + ante, before + parare, to prepare) vanguard (from French avant, before + garde) vantage (aphetic of advantage) LAW: ab ante (shortened from ab antecedente; before, in advance; for example, a legislature cannot agree ab ante to any modification or amendment to a law which a third person may make) antea (formerly; heretofore) ante-factum (done before; an act previously done) antejuramentum (in Saxon law, a preliminary or preparatory oath, required by both the accuser and the accused; the accuser swearing that he/she would prosecute the criminal, and the accused making oath that he/she was innocent of the crime with which he/she was charged) DOUBLETS: advance:advantage TRIPLETS: ancient:antic:antique UNBOUND COMPOUND: penny ante (a game of poker in which the ante or limit is a very small amount, as one cent; any trifling undertaking) PLACE NAMES: Antler, ND; Antlers, OK NB: Antenna, from Latin antema, sail yard, is not in this family; neither is antelope.

One who struggles against; a person who opposes or competes with another; adversary; opponent; in literature, one who opposes the protagonist; compare protagonist; a muscle, drug, etc. , a medicine that soothes or lessens pain; a camphorated tincture of opium, containing benzoic acid, anise oil, etc. , fear of the marketplace; fear of open spaces) (phobos fear) ALLEGORICAL WORK: Pilgrim’s Progress, by John Bunyan (1628-88) CROSS REFERENCE: greg A Thesaurus of English Word Roots 14 Element agr From Greek ager a field IE agto drive, do; to where the cattle were driven Meaning a field; wild agra Greek agra seizure ailur Greek ailouros cat al- Latin prefix to, toward Latin ala: wing IE aksaxis wing, armpit (assimilation of ad-) al1 Examples SIMPLE ROOT: agrarian (relating to land or to the ownership of land) agrestic (rural, rustic; crude, uncouth) {agrestal} LEADING ROOT COMPOUND: agri: agribusiness (agriculture business; farming and related foodprocessing and marketing businesses) agriculture (the science or art of cultivating land in the raising of crops; husbandry; farming) (cultus care) agro: agrobiology (the quantitative science of plant life and plant nutrition) (bios life + logy study) agrology (the branch of soil science dealing especially with the production of crops) (logy study) agromania (opposed to agoraphobia) (mania madness) agronomics, agronomy (both terms refer to the art or science of managing land or crops) (nomos law) agros: agrostology (the branch of botany dealing with grasses) (logy study) PREFIXED DISGUISED ROOT: peregrinate, peregrine (traveling or migratory; see Doublets) pilgrim (see Doublets) (per through + ager field, country) DISGUISED TRAILING ROOT COMPOUND: onager (wild ass; also, a catapult) (onos ass + agrios wild) DOUBLETS: peregrine:pilgrim CROSS REFERENCE: camp TRAILING ROOT COMPOUND: arthragra (arthron joint) chiragra (cheir hand) podagra (pous foot) CROSS REFERENCE: None SIMPLE ROOT: ailurus (the lesser pandas) LEADING ROOT COMPOUND: ailurophile (philein to love) ailurophobia (phobos fear) CROSS REFERENCE: fel The following are examples of words with this prefix.

Wing of a building; s inserted through confusion with isle) CROSS REFERENCE: axi, pen2, pter NOTE: The words in this family are entered as simple roots, even though they are article + root. S. , palace of the Moorish kings near Granada, Spain; from Alhambra is Alhambresque, like the Alhambra, especially in richness of ornamentation] A Thesaurus of English Word Roots 16 Element From al2 (cont’d) Meaning [the] al3 Latin to nourish alere fr. , adobe, amber, ameer, apricot, arsenal, artichoke, assassin, azimuth, azure, burnoose, caliber, caliph, camise, candy, carafe, carat, cassock, checkmate, cipher, coffee, cotton, drub, emir, fakir, gazelle, ghoul, hegira, lute, magazine, mattress, minaret, mohair, monsoon, mortise, myrrh, nabob, nadir, Ramadan, safari, saffron, Sahara, salaam, sequin, sheik, sherbet, sirocco, spinach, sugar, sultan, Swahili, syrup, talcum, talisman, tariff, zenith, zero.

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