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By Jeremy Griffith

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A Species In Denial is Jeremy Griffith's definitive paintings at the human situation after 30 years writing at the topic. Foreword by way of Templeton Prize profitable biologist, Charles Birch. Addresses the crux factor of the human situation, our potential for reliable and evil, describing how people have coped with the trouble via dwelling in denial of it. The publication then explains the organic cause of the human situation, finishing the denial and maturing humanity to mental freedom. Examines technology, faith, politics, psychiatry, mythology, women and men.

There is an advent to the topic of the human after which 4 impressive essays: decoding Plato's Cave Allegory, Resignation, Bringing Peace to the conflict among the Sexes and the Denial-Free heritage Of The Human Race, The Demystification of faith. The e-book concludes with a quick profile of the basis for Humanity's maturity, a non-profit organization dedicated to selling this new frontier of pondering, written via international popular mountaineer and two times honoured Order of Australia recipient, FHA Director Tim Macartney-Snape AM.

A Species In Denial has develop into a bestseller in Australia the place it has generated terribly confident responses from eminent humans and the general public

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Cohen finds the subterranean, ambivalent waters of the Freudian unconscious a useful explanatory tool for making sense of subtle variations in professed denials of fact or knowledge. In both the private realm and the public sphere, Cohen traces mechanisms of denial from “splitting” (where a person psychically A Species In Denial — Introduction 35 detaches from painful knowledge) to “inner emigration” (a retreat inwards to shut out an unbearable outer reality). Intriguingly, Cohen nicely captures one of the most common modes of avoidance with the term “pseudo-stupidity”.

The obvious fact is that the more secure a person is in their state of denial, the more difficult it is for them to ‘hear’ denial-free information. 64 Print Ed This is an appropriate point to address the problem of the ‘non-falsifiable situation’. There has been an inference that those who oppose this information are suffering from denial. In fact I will say that reading my books amounts to an alienation test; the more alienated the reader, the more their mind will resist the truth that is being presented.

In fact I will say that reading my books amounts to an alienation test; the more alienated the reader, the more their mind will resist the truth that is being presented. In support of this I cite Christ, who said, ‘everyone who does evil [has become corrupted] hates the light [the unevasive, denial-free truth], and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed’ (John 3:20), and Plato, who has already been quoted as saying: ‘if he [the cave prisoner] were forcibly dragged up the steep and rocky ascent [out of the cave]…into the sunlight…he would much object…his eyes would be so overwhelmed by the brightness…he would turn back and take refuge in the things which he could see’ (Plato The Republic, tr.

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