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A Dictionary for the trendy Flutist provides transparent and concise definitions of greater than 1,500 universal flute-related phrases participant of the Boehm-system flute might come upon. totally illustrated with greater than a hundred photos, the entries comprise descriptions of phrases concerning all elements of the flute: flute kinds, flute elements, flute fix, enjoying innovations, acoustics, articulations, intonation, universal adorns, flutemaking, flute background, flute song books, and more.Susan Maclagan has completely researched and categorized every one time period, together with vital flute phrases that experience brought on confusion or now not been in actual fact outlined formerly, directory them alphabetically with concise, in-depth definitions. conscientiously classified illustrations for lots of flute forms, elements, mechanisms, and add-ons support to make the definitions more straightforward to imagine. The entries additionally include short biographies of greater than 50 major names within the flute neighborhood world wide. a number of appendixes offer additional info on topics like flute classifications, forms of sleek Boehm-system flutes and their elements, key and tone gap names, head joint ideas, and orchestra and opera audition excerpts. articles, Checking Your Flute Tuning and Scale by way of the flutist and pedagogue Trevor Wye—who additionally contributed the foreword—and Flute Clutches by means of the historian David Shorey, also are integrated, in addition to an intensive bibliography.

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See also bodymaker; cold drawing; drawing; fife (1); retuning; serial number; wall (1). BOEHM (BÖHM), THEOBALD FRIEDRICH (b. Munich, 1794; d. Munich, 1881). A German flutemaker and inventor who thrived in Munich from 1828 to 1839 and from 1847 to 1861. His inventions include the modern concert or Boehm flute in 1847. Boehm was also a renowned flutist and principal of the Bavarian State Opera, as well as a goldsmith, engineer, composer, teacher, industrial metallurgist, and author of The Flute and FlutePlaying in Acoustical, Technical, & Artistic Aspects (see bib.

2. On a three-joint one-keyed or simple-system flute, it may have the meaning stated in definition 1, but on a four-joint onekeyed or simple-system flute, it may refer to the upper and lower middle joints or to both the middle joints and foot joint. See also conical bore; oil (2); ring banding; thickening; tone-hole bushing; unibody. 3. When referring to the tone, body refers to the substance of the tone. A flute tone with more “body” would probably have a larger proportion of fundamental. Cf. full tone.

See ring banding. BAND FLUTE. Usually refers to a 19th- or early 20thcentury transverse flute that has a conical bore, consists of at least two sections, and has one or more keys. Band flutes are usually pitched in flat keys to make the music easier to read. , a B band flute sounds B when its six-fingered note is played). , particularly patriotic marching flute bands). BAROQUE FLUTE. 1. A modern term for the type of transverse flute with six finger holes and one key that was used in the latter part of the Baroque period (ca.

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