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9. Strong electric and magnetic fields are not only of interest under laboratory conditions but also in quest of observed optical absorption structures of compact astronomical objects. For example, for magnetic white dwarf stars additional electric fields (13) of the order of 108 V/cm occur, which give rise to an observable shift of the spectral lines. Stark effects are not only due to external electric fields. Atomic beams with the beam direction not in coincidence with the magnetic field axis of an external magnetic field give rise to the so-called motional Stark effect.

9. P. Schmelcher and W. Schweizer, Atoms and Molecules in Strong External Fields, New York: Plenum, 1998. 10. D. A. Harmin, Theory of the Stark Effect, Phys. Rev. A, 26: 2656– 2681, 1982. 11. Y. K. Ho, Phys. , 99: 1–68, 1983. 12. I. Seipp, K. T. Taylor, and W. Schweizer, Atomic resonances in parallel electric and magnetic fields, J. Phys. B, 29: 1–13, 1996. 13. P. Fassbinder and W. Schweizer, The hydrogen atom in very strong magnetic and electric fields, Phys. Rev. A, 53: 2135– 2139, 1996. 14. D.

This section will review a handful of the more prominent schemes. The reader is referred to the bibliography for more detail. Stellarators. One of the earliest magnetic confinement schemes was the stellarator, invented by Lyman Spitzer in 1951 at Princeton University and named after the stars that it was designed to emulate. The earliest versions created the necessary rotational transform by literally twisting the torus into a figure-eight configuration. A plasma was formed in this oddly shaped vacuum vessel that was surrounded by solenoidal electromagnets.

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