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Chuck Hewett has been conducting Intelligence gathering, Surveillance and Investigations throughout his entire career while serving in the military, in law enforcement and as a private investigator. He has over twenty years of experience in the Law Enforcement Field. During this tenure he acquired over two thousand hours of public safety training. He has received training from five levels of study conducted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency- Emergency Management Institute. Mr. Hewett served his country honorably as an officer in the U.S. Army.

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Dr. Dina Hewett is a healthcare professional with over twenty-eight years of experience in Critical Care Nursing, Nursing Education and Hospital Administration. She has earned a fellowship in leadership from the Wharton School of Business. Dr. Hewett is a Georgia Board certified Nurse and has extensive experience and knowledge of the inner workings of the healthcare system. Her experience ranges from the basic bedside nursing care to directing the operation of a Critical Care Heart Center.

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Our mission is to be the leading support organization for our customers for their needs in our field of expertise. Our culture is based on an unwavering belief in integrity and fair dealings, treating our clients with dignity and respect.

Longstreet Investigations and Consulting supports this mission by exceeding the expectations of our customers while protecting our client’s security and by preserving the quality of the environment to which we are associated. We will work hard to continuously enhance our reputation for accessibility, professionalism, performance, along with the depth and quality of our consultative relationships with our clients.


We endeavor to be valued as an industry leader in client satisfaction in our field. Customer requirements will be met with the highest quality means appropriate to each desired measure served.

All of our corporate activities will be conducted to the highest ethical and professional standards.


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